Surplus Princess [K-Drama] (2014)

Surplus Princess

Summary : Ha Ni was born a mermaid. In order to pursue the man she loves, she agrees to become a human. Once human, she moves into the Ingyeo house, home to a motley crew of tenants preparing for their first jobs – portrayed by the cast of SNL Korea. She has 100 days to make the man of her dreams love her back – will she succeed?

Genre : Fantasy, Romantic, Comedy
Episode : 10
Format : MKV
Resolution : 800×450
Subtitle : English
Info : Wiki

Episode 01 – 05 :
Episode 06 – 10 :

8 thoughts on “Surplus Princess [K-Drama] (2014)

  1. Mahdi, can you please re-upload the whole drama again? all download links are dead.. thanks in advance first!

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