Snow Is on the Sea [K-Movie] (2015)

Summary : When Sun-Mi (Lee Young-Ah) was young, she was often sick and hospitalized frequently. She enjoyed encountering various scents and the snow. Sun-Mi was then diagnosed with the blood disease Myelodysplastic syndrome. Now, as an adult, Sun-Mi works as a perfumer, creating perfume compositions. She travels often to collect various scents of flowers and spices. During one of those trips, she visits an aquarium and meets an employee, Sang-Woo (Park Hae-Jin), there. Sang-Woo cares about animals a lot and enjoys his job there. Sun-Mi and Sang-Woo fall in love. Sang-Woo eventually proposes to Sun-Mi, but is unaware of the difficulties they will soon face.

Genre : Drama
Format : mkv
Resolution : 1280 x 544
Duration : 104 Min
Size : 443 MB
Subtitle : None

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5 thoughts on “Snow Is on the Sea [K-Movie] (2015)

    1. sorry don’t have any backup from this drama. you can request it to be re-encoded again when request section is open.

        1. i will announce it in the chat. but i don’t let the section to open for more than 24hr since if i receive to many request people start complaining about waiting for a long time.

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