Secrets of 1979 [TW-Drama] (2021)

Secrets of 1979 (2021)

Summary : In the summer of 1979, during Taiwan’s martial law period, Bing-Kuan asks her college friend Shu-Lan to help out on her family’s banana plantation. As time goes by, the two girls secretly develop a romantic relationship, and decide to volunteer at the Formosa Magazine in order to promote democratic freedom of expression. Yet their youthful romance is threatened as the Kuomintang regime seeks to suppress dissident voices.

Native Title : 芎蕉園的秘密
Also Known As : Secrets of Xiong Jiao Garden , Qiong Jiao Yuan De Mi Mi
Genres : Horror, Romance, Drama
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 540p + 720p
Subtitle : Chinese English Indonesian Spanish Thai (Embedded)

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : 540p720p

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