Ryusei Wagon [J-Drama] (2015)

Summary : The story depicts a man’s magical experience travelling back in time to redo his life and rebuild broken relations with his family. Nagata Kazuo visits his ageing father, Tadao, at the hospital but he was unable to fix their turbulent relationship. Upon returning home, he finds a divorce paper from his wife, Miyoko and also his son, Hiroki, behaving violently. As Kazuo always wanted to be a good father unlike his father, he thinks of committing suicide. One day, however, a wagon stops right next to Kazuo. The driver is Hashimoto and his son Kenta who allegedly died in an accident. Even though he didn’t understand the situation, Kazuo gets on board and then mysteriously, he was joined by his father who looks like the same age as Kazuo. The drive to change Kazuo’s regretful life begins!

Genre : Drama, Fantasy
Episode : 10
Format : mkv
Codec : x265
Resolution : 1280 x 720
Subtitle : English

Episode 01 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55670a3e606f9
Episode 02 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55670a6826e2e
Episode 03 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55670a95d5922
Episode 04 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55670ace6645f
Episode 05 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55670afb4552f
Episode 06 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5568c9b188b98
Episode 07 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5568c9e2ab610
Episode 08 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5568ca08bd226
Episode 09 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5568ca320a08d
Episode 10 : http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5568ca7d82344 END

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