Ramen Daisuki Koizumi San [J-Drama] (2015)

Summary : On their way home from school one day, high school students Osawa Yu and Nakamura Misa happen to find a beautiful girl queuing in front of the popular ramen shop, Konjiki Hototogisu, in downtown Tokyo. She stands out at the end of an all-male queue. This girl is Koizumi-san, the much-talked about enigmatic student who recently transferred to their class. Koizumi-san does not speak to anyone even during break time and has a dreamy expression with her earplugs on. Misa, who is not good with her, ends up going home. But Osawa has a thing for beautiful girls and approaches Koizumi-san at the end of the queue. She starts a conversation with her. However, she only gets short answers in response. Despite being almost ignored by Koizumi-san, Osawa enters the shop together with her. She witnesses Koizumi-san’s complete change when the ramen is put in front of the two of them. The look of ecstasy that she shows after intently slurping the ramen, has Osawa completely enchanted. Koizumi-san actually loves ramen and is a ramen expert who will seek and try out delicious ramen with gusto every day.

Genre : Drama, Comedy
Episode : 4
Format : mp4
Resolution : 1280 x 720
Subtitle : English

Note : This Drama Isn’t My Encode. All Credit Goes To Original Encoder/Uploader.

Episode 01 : https://ouo.io/GV7nbo7
Episode 02 : https://ouo.io/koV3cX
Episode 03 : https://ouo.io/jHKselN
Episode 04 : https://ouo.io/icNl87

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