Queen In Hyun’s Man [K-Drama] (2012)

Summary : Kim Boong Do is a scholar who had supported the reinstatement of Queen In Hyun when Jang heebin’s schemes resulted in her being deposed and replaced as King Sukjong’s queen consort. With the help of a spell when he is in going to be killed in a fight he travels 300 years into the future of modern Seoul and meets Choi Hee Jin, a no-name actress who is expecting a career renaissance through her role as Queen In Hyun in a TV drama. She helps him to know about the history of his time and change some events. After that they start to develop feelings for each other, but is it possible for them to have a successful relationship?

Genre : Fantasy, Time Travel, Romance
Episode : 16
Format : mkv
Resolution : 540p
Subtitle : English
Info : Wiki

Episode 01 – 04 : https://ouo.io/9KNaRe
Episode 05 – 08 : https://ouo.io/NRCnsG
Episode 09 – 12 : https://ouo.io/lshRnS
Episode 13 – 16 : https://ouo.io/F2xWPh

32 thoughts on “Queen In Hyun’s Man [K-Drama] (2012)

  1. Thank you for the reupload! This is a great series, I am very grateful!

    Just to let everyone know, the sub files for this at subscene, dramafever and viki don’t sync up with the video. They have to be corrected with subshifter.bitsnbites.eu. I haven’t had a chance to shift them, but they need to be corrected.

  2. For episode four minidrama links and filefactory are both dead, and the usercloud link doesn’t yield the mkv file when it’s clicked on, it’s an html document instead. Help, mahdi.

      1. Mahdi are you sure the file itself began downloading for you? I’m really sorry to bother you, I wouldn’t if it had worked with another browser but it still hasn’t, and I’m currently downloading other dramas from your site using usercloud and all of them work except this one episode.

  3. Is this the version where they will introduce the characters 1st like a pencil sketch? If so Sir do you have a subtitle for this? Nothing works on this because of time difference because of the intro.

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