Qinling Mountains [C-Movie] (2022)

Qinling Mountains

Summary : Qi Xiang Wen was threatened by gangster Zhang Shen Yan with of his mother’s illness. He pretended to be a member of the Geological Bureau and deceived Professor Hu, the owner of Laozi’s rune with mysterious power, to open the secret cave of the ancient Qinling Mountains to steal treasures. During the exploration, only Qi Xiang Wen managed to return, and was treated by Luo Jin’s sister Luo Xin. However, the trauma done to his head resulted in amnesia.

Native Title : 秦岭密窟
Also Known As : In the Tomb the Wrath of Time , Qin Ling Mi Ku , 秦嶺密窟
Genres : Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy
Format : mkv (x265)
Subtitle : Chinese (Hardsub) + English (SRT)

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : 360p720p

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