Presumed Accidents [HK-Drama] (2016)

Presumed Accidents (2016)

Summary : George Kiu Man Kit (Lawrence Ng) is a knowledgeable gentleman living an affluent lifestyle who runs an online antique business. He has been living alone ever since the passing of his wife [Chong Wing Yi (Selena Li). The only person who knows about George’s past is his butler Cheung Hak Loi (Chow Chung)

Until one day, George comes across an insurance investigator named Eunice Yan Yin (Sisley Choi) at the hospital, sending ripple effects to his quiet life. When Eunice tries to find out the cause for her late parents’ accidental death, she discovers her life is somehow tied to George. In order to get close to Eunice, George joins her insurance company to help with her investigation and gets to know her suitor Manius Cheuk Sing Yeung (Lai Lok Yi)

Gradually, George and Eunice realize that all the accidents are somehow seen as if they have been controlled by someone. Just as they are about to get to the truth, George meets Faye Ling Yeuk Fei (Selena Li) who bears a resemblance to his late wife. At the same time, it turns out Manius and Faye’s upbringings are also hidden with secrets…..

Genre : Drama, Crime
Episode : TBA
Format : mkv
Resolution : 450p
Subtitle : English

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