Pope Rak [Thai-Drama] (2014)

Summary : Namrin, a bratty and hi-so girl is about to marry her fiancé, Popetorn, whom she grew up with because her mother, Thara raised him since he was a little boy after his father had passed away. However, after trying on her wedding dress, Namrin is challenged to a road race that escalates to a road rage, resulting in the death of both drivers. Yeeo is a police officer that happened to be bicycling pass the scene and hears the call on his police radio. He gets to the scene and watches paramedics pull out Namrin’s road rival, whose car had plunged into the nearby lake. He then meets the spirit, Namrin, who doesn’t know that she’s dead. Yeeo picks up a necklace that parted from her during the wreck and tucks it into his pocket. Since then, Namrin’s spirit becomes attached to Yeeo and he is the only one that can see her, apart from Yeeo’s blind grandmother who can sense her presence but is unaware that Namrin is a spirit. Thus, Yeeo and his grandmother are the only humans that can speak to Namrin. Since her fate brought them together, Namrin believes that Yeeo is the only one that can help her

Native Title : ภพรัก
Also Known As : Phope Ruk , Two Worlds of Love , Connected
Genres : Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes : 12
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English (Embedded)
Encoder : dionel

Download Links:

Episode 01 : Mega
Episode 02 : Mega
Episode 03 : Mega
Episode 04 : Mega
Episode 05 : Mega
Episode 06 : Mega
Episode 07 : Mega
Episode 08 : Mega
Episode 09 : Mega
Episode 10 : Mega
Episode 11 : Mega
Episode 12 : Mega


Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English (SRT)
Encoder : mahdigh

Episode 01 – 04 : https://ouo.io/QKq1AW
Episode 05 – 08 : https://ouo.io/A7if8J
Episode 09 – 12 : https://ouo.io/u0CVJXe

11 thoughts on “Pope Rak [Thai-Drama] (2014)

      1. There are slight delay in the middle parts but it is watchable by adjusting. BTW I think you are the first uploader who ve uploaded using soft subs for this drama as I don’t like hardsubbed videos so I haven’t watched this drama before. Thank you so much for your hardwork. I am very grateful towards you.

        1. I don’t know. search for subtitle editors. if it has a fixed time lag it can be fixed in the video player by shifting the time subs are shown but if it has multi time problems then you should use subtitle editors.

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