Ojakgyo Brothers [K-Drama] (2011)

Summary : The story of a family with four sons who live together with their relatives on a farm near Seoul. Hwang Tae Hee is the third son and a policeman who falls in love with a girl named Baek Ja Eun. Baek Ja Eun is a haughty young woman who only believes in her pretty looks and is quick to flare up in anger.

Genre : Family, Romance
Episode : 58
Format : mkv
Resolution : 450p
Subtitle :English

Episode 01 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5531207115062
Episode 02 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553120a876f15
Episode 03 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553120d4c426b
Episode 04 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553120fece8e8
Episode 05 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55312128e87c4
Episode 06 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5533f6a0f323b
Episode 07 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5533f6d46b718
Episode 08 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553527884d349
Episode 09 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553527b83d55b
Episode 10 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553874ddaee4a
Episode 11 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55387508de6ac
Episode 12 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553875341a802
Episode 13 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5538d011b95ff
Episode 14 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5538d042b8147
Episode 15 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553a34af0cb17
Episode 16 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553a34da21c5c
Episode 17 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553c6e61697d9
Episode 18 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553c6e8f6731f
Episode 19 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553db0286d4d4
Episode 20 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553db059a5dda
Episode 21 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553e788d2f8ca
Episode 22 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/553e78b7db10d
Episode 23 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5541c5a9d8848
Episode 24 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5541c5dba4a0a
Episode 25 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5541c6041e126
Episode 26 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554778f8cb7bf
Episode 27 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5547792490ffc
Episode 28 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5547798e1f683
Episode 29 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554779b42c1f7
Episode 30 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554779da4aedd
Episode 31 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554852a05cd5a
Episode 32 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554852c9e1e56
Episode 33 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554852f1caaf5
Episode 34 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5548531a3d889
Episode 35 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/5548533f04ea0
Episode 36 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55499d511bba7
Episode 37 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55499d7d20a4c
Episode 38 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55499da77ca57
Episode 39 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55499dd6d6c43
Episode 40 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/55499e070e53e
Episode 41 – 45 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554c3a27c1ce1
Episode 46 – 50 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554cff991a78b
Episode 051 – 058 :http://www.keeplinks.eu/p/554ee55cd9e12 END

19 thoughts on “Ojakgyo Brothers [K-Drama] (2011)

  1. hello, first of all i wanna say thanks a lot. i like this drama so bad. n finally u make it, i’m so happy. but i have a problem, can u help me plz. when i download this drama what i have just audio. what happen actually? sorry for my poor eng, thanks for ur answer

  2. Hello! Dfiles and Uploaded links for this drama and for “unexpected you” does not work
    and tusfiles download speed is low,can you upload these on another server?

    1. make a free account in Tusfiles. that way yo get more dl speed. if i find my backups (i don’t know if i have any for this dramas) i will add new links.

      1. Mahdi, the drama was previously uploaded in 540p (x265), not 450p (x264). Can u plz also re-upload that version too.

  3. Thank you so much for this upload!
    Can you please re-up E47? All links are down.
    P.S.: Will you consider adding more “oldie” family K-dramas to your site? I’m very happy you have “Ojakgyo Brothers,” “Smile, You,” and “My Daughter Seoyoung” at least. 🙂 These are my favorites, along with “Family’s Honor” and “Gloria.”

  4. please reupload this drama.. i already leave a message on chatbox.. just in case you didn’t notice it, i leave a comment here.. thank u very much mahdi!

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