New Kung Fu Cult Master 2 [HK-Movie] (2022)

New Kung Fu Cult Master 2

Summary : This film tells the story of Wudang faction Zhang Wuji who was inadvertently involved in the strife of the Jianghu caused by the Dragon Saber. He went to arrest Zhao Min in order to save the martial arts master.

Native Title : 倚天屠龙记之圣火雄风
Also Known As : Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2 , Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2 , New Kung Fu Cult Master Part 2 , Yi Tian Tu Long Ji Zhi Sheng Huo Xiong Feng , 倚天屠龍記之聖火雄風 , 新倚天屠龍記下 , 新倚天屠龙记下
Genres : Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Format : mkv (x265)
Audio : Cantonese Mandarin (Embedded)
Subtitle : Chinese (Hardsub) + English (SRT)

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : 404p  –  720p

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