My Little Nightmare: The Movie [J-Movie] (2014)

Summary : New student Kanji transfers to 6th grade 2 class, where Ayami Mutoi (Keiko Kitagawa) works as the homeroom teacher. Students begin to talk among themselves that they have seen new transfer student Kanji in a dream. Yuiko Koto (Manatsu Kimura) also had a night mare. In her nightmare, a boy that looks transfer student Kanji appeared as a prince. Ayami Mutoi tries to keep that to herself. She actually likes the prince in her dream.

Genre : Fantasy
Format : mkv
Resolution : 1280 x 534
Subtitle : None ATM
Info : Wiki

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  1. Could you reupload/fix the Depositfiles-link? It says the file is no longer there. D-files is fastest. And many thanks for sharing!!!

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