Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice [C-Movie] (2017)

Summary : A Beijing drifter accidentally picks up a fuerdai (second-generation rich man) and gets pursued by a gaofushuai (tall, rich and handsome).

Destiny has its way of bringing love to a web blogger named Tang Nannan. She is an aspiring writer with an imaginative mind that is often too unconventional for the average person. Hoping to make it big, she daydreams a bit too excessively. One day, she accidentally ruins Zhu Huo’s proposal to his ideal girl and immediately makes an enemy out of him. Holding on to their own pride and prejudices, the two end up in a living arrangement where they have to cohabit. Zhu Hou’s good friend Xiao Jian Jun falls in love with Tang Nannan at first sight and starts to actively pursue her. Instead of helping, Zhu Hou creates more conflict and that’s where their love begins…

Native Title : 傲娇与偏见
Also Known As : Ao Jiao Yu Pian Jian , Ao Jiao & Pian Jian , Tsundere and Prejudice
Genres : Comedy, Romance
Format : mkv
Resolution : 402p (x265) + 720p (x265)
Subtitle : Chinese + English (Hardsub)

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : 402p720p

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