Magic Town [C-Movie] (2021)

Magic Town (2021)

Summary : Zhou Kun is focused on cultivation while Li Jiao Ran is focused on getting rid of evil. They are childhood friends who have been quarrelling with each other since young but a mysterious murder case brings them together. Zhou Kun is moved by Li Jiao Ran as she risks her life to investigate the case. Both of them rush to Youming Town to discover the truth behind the murder case.

Native Title : 麒麟幻镇
Also Known As : 麒麟幻镇电影 , Qilin Magic Town , Kirin Mirage Town
Genres : Action, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 408p + 720p
Subtitle : English (SRT)

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : 408p720p

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