Lucky With You [C-Drama] (2021)

Summary : A love story between a female bodyguard and former martial artist and her rich and handsome but headstrong client. While on an assignment to deliver important documents, Wu Shiyi saves Hou Zhirong in a hostage situation. Later, in the face of inexplicable death threats, Hou Zhirong worries for his son Hou Jue’s safety and decides to hire security. Remembering Wu Shiyi’s calm in the middle of a crisis when she saved him, he hand-picks her to become Hou Jue’s personal bodyguard. Hou Jue is immediately resistant to the idea of a female bodyguard intruding into his life. He makes things difficult for Wu Shiyi on purpose, yet she is not the type to easily back down.

Native Title : 三生有幸遇上你
Also Known As : San Sheng You Xing Yu Shang Ni , Meet You , Sansheng was Lucky to Meet You , Three Lives Is Fortunate to Meet You
Genres : Action, Romance, Drama
Episodes : 40
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English (Embedded)
Encoder : DION

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Episodes 01 – 05 :
Episodes 06 – 10 :
Episodes 11 – 15 :
Episodes 16 – 20 :
Episodes 21 – 25 :
Episodes 26 – 30 :
Episodes 31 – 35 :
Episodes 36 – 40 :

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