Long For You [C-Drama] (2017)

Long For You (2017)

Summary : Xue Ji is an immortal girl. Rescued by alien powers, she has been traversing the earth for centuries. Desensitized, frosty and indifferent in the inside, despite the bright smiles that play on her lips, she only lives with the goal of finding her first love from a thousand years ago… Finally she meets Gu Shi Yi, a man carrying her love’s face, but his love is different than that of the former, rekindling her passion and enthusiasm for life, and perhaps unraveling the knot from many centuries ago.

Native Title : 我与你的光年距离
Also Known As : 雪姬电视剧版 , 雪姬 , Xue Ji , Snow Girl , I Grant You A Light Year of Distance Away from Me
Genres : Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Episodes : 21
Format : mp4
Resolution : 720p (x264)
Subtitle : Chinese (Hardsub)

Note : This is not my encode.

Episode 01 – 05 : https://exe.io/kUtHgjeV
Episode 06 – 10 : https://exe.io/nxryLJ91
Episode 11 – 15 : https://exe.io/nLWsTYx
Episode 16 – 20 : https://exe.io/jMfbHC
Episode 21 (2nd End) : https://exe.io/7UUpb

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