Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight [J-Movie] (2019)

Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight

Summary : Hinana is a high school girl who, like a modern Cinderella, has many household chores to see to in addition to her studies. While she’s quite a conscientious girl, in reality she actually dreams of one day finding herself a Prince Charming. One day, a famous actor, Ayase Kaede, has to shoot a movie at their school during golden week and several students have been asked to act as extras. Hinana volunteers to participate and unwittingly catches Ayase’s eye. Can Cinderella really find a happy ending with her Prince Charming?

Native Title : 午前0時、キスしに来てよ
Also Known As : Come to Kiss at Midnight , 午夜0点前、来接吻吧 , Come to Kiss at 0:00 AM , Gozen 0-ji, Kiss shi ni Kite yo , Gozu Reiji , Kisu shi ni Kite yo, 12 Midnight , Time to Kiss , Kuss um Mitternacht , Come for a Kiss at Midnight , Gozen reiji, kiss shi ni kite yo
Genres : Comedy, Romance, School
Format : mkv (x265)
Subtitle : Chinese (Embedded) + English (SRT)

Screenshot From Movie

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Format : mkv (x265)
Subtitle : English, Japanese (Embedded)
Version: 720p AMAZN
Encoder: DION

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