Kamen Teacher (J-Drama) (2013)

Summary : 20XX. The teachers are no longer allowed to mete out corporal punishment and disciplinary actions. Due to that, the teachers have lost their powers, and the students are now all running wild. In order to correct the situation, the Government decide to put in place a program to control the delinquent students by dispatching special teachers to schools across the nation. One of them is Araki Gota, on whom the Govenrment pin their hopes that under this Kamen (Masked) Teacher program, he will be able to reign in all the delinquent students in his class.

Gota’s new assignment is Hanazora Gakuin’s Year 2 Class C, where the students are violent and out of control. The class is ruled by M4, a group of four students led by Takehara Kinzo. On his first day, even though he is punched and kicked by M4, Gota refuses to retaliate in kind. He doesn’t want to rely on the power of the mask, but rather, he wants to win the trust of the students so that they can communicate freely with him.
However–, the students in his class are so unruly and violent that in the end he still has to resort to the mask in order to control them.
To change another person, will it be strength? Or heart? –NTV

Genre : School
Episodes : 12
Format : mkv
Resolution : 450p
Subtitle : English

Episode 01 – 04 : https://www.keeplinks.eu/p79/592801a7ac448
Episode 05 – 08 : https://www.keeplinks.eu/p79/592801d8be5c3
Episode 09 – 12 : https://www.keeplinks.eu/p79/5928020822871


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  1. hi mahdi
    trying to get this files
    only ep01 available at the moment
    the rest is not available anymore
    can you please re-upload?
    thank you very much ^_^

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