Itoshii Uso: Yasashii Yami [J-Drama] (2022)

Itoshii Uso: Yasashii Yami

Summary : One day Mio attends a middle school reunion and is reunited with her first love, Shuichi. Her love is rekindled when the guy approaches her, but they get caught up in an incident where members of the reunion start dying one after another.

Native Title : 愛しい嘘~優しい闇~
Also Known As : Dear My Loneliness and Darkness , A Dear Lie: Gentle Darkness , Lovely Lie , Itoshi Uso: Yasashi Yami
Genres : Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Drama
Episodes : 8
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : None ATM

Episode 01 – 04 :
Episode 05 – 08 :

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