Hyena [K-Drama] (2020)

Hyena (2020)

Summary : ‘Hyena’ deals with very competitive, private lawyers who only work for the richest 1% of society. Lawyer Jung Geum Ja crosses the boundaries of law and lawlessness, justice and injustice, ethics and corruption, She is a true hyena that chases after success and money no matter what it takes. Armed with the strongest survival instincts, she endures through it all. Yoon Hee Jae is a successful, elite lawyer. Confident in his abilities, he possesses a brilliant mind that is wrapped around his ego. Using his skills to support the highest in the land, he’s an expert at maneuvering the law to cater to their needs.

Native Title : 하이에나
Also Known As : Haiena , Hiena
Genres : Comedy, Law, Drama
Episodes : 16
Format : mkv
Resolution : 720p (x265)
Subtitle : English (SRT)

Episode 01 : http://gestyy.com/w8hxI1
Episode 02 : http://gestyy.com/w8k0rx
Episode 03 : http://gestyy.com/w8mXE7
Episode 04 : http://gestyy.com/w8WLqj
Episode 05 : http://gestyy.com/w8Sftk
Episode 06 : http://gestyy.com/w8FqwB
Episode 07 : http://gestyy.com/w8CxF8
Episode 08 : http://gestyy.com/w8V9cJ
Episode 09 : http://gestyy.com/w86G9W
Episode 10 : http://gestyy.com/w88eRh
Episode 11 : http://gestyy.com/w9uyOc
Episode 12 : http://gestyy.com/w9i3ks
Episode 13 : http://gestyy.com/w9kFf0
Episode 14 : http://gestyy.com/w9zWvr
Episode 15 : http://gestyy.com/w9E6pS
Episode 16 : http://gestyy.com/w9TNR8

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