Homemade Love Story [K-Drama] (2020)

Summary : Three families live under one roof at a boarding house called Samgwang Villa. Sun Jeong’s family lives a pure and simple life and doesn’t have a lot of money. Jung Hoo’s family is rich but is far from peaceful. Jung Won’s family looks perfect from the outside but is actually quite rocky. Others join these families at Samgwang Villa, each with their own stories. What is the meaning of family in this day and age, with so many single-person households and people choosing not to get married? Let’s meet the people who open their hearts to one another to live and love as a family in Homemade Love Story.

Native Title : 오! 삼광빌라!
Also Known As : samgwangbilla yeonindeul , The Lovers of Samkwang Villa , Samgwang Villa Lovers , samkwangbilla yeonindeul , The Lovers of Samgwang Villa , Oh! Samgwangvilla , Oh! Samkwang Villa , 삼광빌라 연인들 , o!samkwangbilla , Oh! Samgwang Villa , Love Blooming House
Genres : Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family
Episodes : 100
Format : mkv
Resolution : 540p (x265)
Subtitle : English (SRT)

Episode 01 :https://ouo.io/6rm10WH
Episode 02 :https://ouo.io/NkKinW
Episode 03 :https://ouo.io/hV0VPs
Episode 04 :https://ouo.io/629ZhW
Episode 05 :https://ouo.io/HRp1X1
Episode 06 :https://ouo.io/9ZV0Bw
Episode 07 :https://ouo.io/AHs8cwg
Episode 08 :https://ouo.io/phpnEcG
Episode 09 :https://ouo.io/JJFaeV
Episode 10 :https://ouo.io/3J3tQaA
Episode 11 :https://ouo.io/UZOPgkB
Episode 12 :https://ouo.io/jHu4DeB
Episode 13 :https://ouo.io/IoKUqZ
Episode 14 :https://ouo.io/OTyGuk
Episode 15 :https://ouo.io/H790Lq
Episode 16 :https://ouo.io/72H3ov
Episode 17 :https://ouo.io/5fdA44
Episode 18 :https://ouo.io/rt9Ihi
Episode 19 :https://ouo.io/KxyvTCj
Episode 20 :https://ouo.io/T68SCI
Episode 21 :https://ouo.io/MpnzT3
Episode 22 :https://ouo.io/udF4D5
Episode 23 :https://ouo.io/XJbp0t
Episode 24 :https://ouo.io/gsvZ5C
Episode 25 :https://ouo.io/yK62aa
Episode 26 :https://ouo.io/dzsyhn
Episode 27 :https://ouo.io/l0FQCx
Episode 28 :https://ouo.io/oksszH
Episode 29 :https://ouo.io/mV8hfQl
Episode 30 :https://ouo.io/QcY8Ep
Episode 31 :https://ouo.io/jkFCQh
Episode 32 :https://ouo.io/Ybad4Y
Episode 33 :https://ouo.io/b5Gihs
Episode 34 :https://ouo.io/gQjzUQ
Episode 35 :https://ouo.io/zer9ok
Episode 36 :https://ouo.io/iAu1k1
Episode 37 :https://ouo.io/PxBNTf
Episode 38 :https://ouo.io/Lsci5EX
Episode 39 :https://ouo.io/Igu7KV
Episode 40 :https://ouo.io/rbJa97
Episode 41 :https://ouo.io/MBYQvS
Episode 42 :https://ouo.io/SRYgqY
Episode 43 :https://ouo.io/hcuw6t
Episode 44 :https://ouo.io/pGAoEJM
Episode 45 :https://ouo.io/4C3AWu
Episode 46 :https://ouo.io/Wrk2ar
Episode 47 :https://ouo.io/Qo1kcN
Episode 48 :https://ouo.io/HyxDd7s
Episode 49 :https://ouo.io/qFDT7pu
Episode 50 :https://ouo.io/BZyEauh

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