Hikaru no Go [C-Drama] (2020)

Summary : On a hunt for treasure and extra cash, sixth year primary school student Shi Guang discovered an old Go board in his grandfather’s house. Upon touching the Go board, he was possessed by the spirit of a Go master from the Southern Dynasty, during the reign of Emperor Song, named Chu Ying, that resides within. Chu Ying dedicated his life to Go. And under his influence, Shi Guang gradually developed a passion for the game.

Native Title : 棋魂
Also Known As : Qi Hun , Soul of Go , Soul of the Go Board , Soul of Chess , The Soul of Chess
Genres : Friendship, Comedy, Youth, Drama, Sports, Supernatural
Episodes : 36
Format : mkv
Resolution : 720p (x265)
Subtitle : Arabic, Chinese, English, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese (Embedded)

Episode 01 – 05 :https://ouo.io/sPCcgx
Episode 05 – 10 :https://ouo.io/PeAFkq
Episode 11 – 15 :https://ouo.io/hLV06q
Episode 16 – 20 :https://ouo.io/60MsNs
Episode 21 – 25 :https://ouo.io/eWIsWs
Episode 26 – 30 :https://ouo.io/DDEgc9
Episode 31 – 36 :https://ouo.io/xHut87

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