Haretsu / Rupture [J-Drama] (2015)

Haretsu Rupture

Summary : Heart surgeon Kamura Yoichiro’s ambition is to earn himself a place in history by rejuvenating the aged heart. He is a hard-nosed elite whose philosophy is, “A doctor matures after killing three persons” and he will do everything he can to put research into practical use. However, this medical treatment has a side effect that even Kamura has not realised. After cardiac function dramatically recovers, the heart will rupture and result in sudden death. There is a government official who has his eyes on enabling the painless death of old people with this side effect as the ultimate solution to an ultra-ageing society. He is Sakuma Kazuhisa, a rare tactician called the Ministry’s Machiavelli. Sakuma cleverly gets close to Kamura and devises a scheme to take over the “dream cure”. The first participant of this medical treatment is the famous national actor Kuraki Rentaro who retired because of heart failure. Kuraki obsesses about making one more movie before he dies, and is the first to undergo the clinical trial. However, the terrifying side effect becomes apparent later. There is a secret between Kuraki, who has a time bomb in his body, and his physician Kamura. Actually, Kamura is the illegitimate child of Kuraki, who had abandoned his mother when he was a child. Kamura hates Kuraki from the bottom of his heart, but has no choice but to perform the procedure for him. When the side-effect comes to light, will Kamura try to save his father’s life?

Genre : Medical
Episode : 7
Format : mkv
Resolution : 450p
Subtitle : None

Episode 01 – 04 : http://cur.lv/14r5a4
Episode 05 – 07 : http://cur.lv/14r5ah

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