Fall In Love [C-Drama] (2021)

Summary : In the year of 1926, Mu Wan Qing brings her mom’s ashes back to China burial. On the pretense of surrendering to her father, Mu Wan Qing’s actual motive is finding the true reason why her parents separated and her brother died. Meanwhile, a coup d’état occurs among the Shanghai army, and the once oppressed Tan Xuanlin rose up to become the new commander of troops. However despite his new authority, he still finds himself walking on thin ice. Xu Guang Yao, the son of the Commander of Yue Cheng, is a man revered and admired by many. However, he dislikes the power struggles within the political field. A chance encounter lets Mu Wan Qing, Tan Xuan Lin and Xu Guang Yao meet and befriend each other. In order to secure her foothold within the Mu family, Mu Wan Qing intentionally gets close to Xu Guang Yao and have his backing. Meanwhile, Tan Xuan Lin works alongside Mu Wan Qing to investigate an old case that is related to the Mu family. The three of them goes through life-and-death struggles together, and eventually realizes the importance of protecting the country in the tumultuous times.

Native Title : 一见倾心
Also Known As : Yi jian qing xin
Genres : Historical, Mystery, Romance, Political
Episodes : 36
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English (Embedded)

Download Links:

Episode 01: https://ouo.io/tBjZuSI
Episode 02: https://ouo.io/5l4h9E
Episode 03: https://ouo.io/KweM0oT
Episode 04: https://ouo.io/iJxZsZd
Episode 05: https://ouo.io/8dWj2t
Episode 06: https://ouo.io/blRNNd
Episode 07: https://ouo.io/O3Tb8uQ
Episode 08: https://ouo.io/CjrTid
Episode 09: https://ouo.io/l7zCDy
Episode 10: https://ouo.io/Gkku8F
Episode 11: https://ouo.io/XmWqWO
Episode 12: https://ouo.io/RDIZ6k
Episode 13: https://ouo.io/qRr0u7S
Episode 14: https://ouo.io/3Q9fPh
Episode 15: https://ouo.io/Y8UATfo
Episode 16: https://ouo.io/GQlBYa
Episode 17: https://ouo.io/hJTAp0O
Episode 18: https://ouo.io/CKIzpS
Episode 19: https://ouo.io/4yYmNL
Episode 20: https://ouo.io/S6AUz3
Episode 21: https://ouo.io/DlLcDQ
Episode 22: https://ouo.io/ZphwqI
Episode 23: https://ouo.io/unyG2l
Episode 24: https://ouo.io/e2qKvu
Episode 25: https://ouo.io/unRoHhA
Episode 26: https://ouo.io/p5zG1n
Episode 27: https://ouo.io/tBxFff2
Episode 28: https://ouo.io/hWyEyM
Episode 29: https://ouo.io/QPErYeV
Episode 30: https://ouo.io/1BEyyl
Episode 31: https://ouo.io/by8UZx
Episode 32: https://ouo.io/UzPnKYK
Episode 33: https://ouo.io/n3ZwRs
Episode 34: https://ouo.io/r2K5b2N
Episode 35: https://ouo.io/Mzjjlb
Episode 36: https://ouo.io/mJLGw2

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