Even Sun [Thai-Drama] (2022)

Summary: Sun is a debt collector unable to successfully collect a debt. Thai is a new debt collector, his rival. Instead of collecting debt, Thai gets Mangkorn in exchange for interest. Sun’s father presses him to collect a debt from Athit. Without it, he will go bankrupt. On the way to Athit’s island, Sun meets Talay and Nai, friends and henchmen of Athit. Sun plans to get close to Athit through the two. Athit is unimpressed and attempts to send Sun back to Bangkok, but Sun stubbornly refuses.

Native Title: ฉันนี่แหละนายอาทิตย์
Also Known As: I’m Mr. Athit , Chan Nee Lae Nai Athit , Even Sun Series
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 6
Format: mkv(x265)
Resolution: 720p
Subtitle: English (Embedded)

Download Links:

Episode 01: https://ouo.io/7EeZNPu
Episode 02: https://ouo.io/nIxXmsG
Episode 03: https://ouo.io/2YD216
Episode 04: https://ouo.io/uHdWH6D
Episode 05: https://ouo.io/tUa80L
Episode 06: https://ouo.io/mRWj6B


2 thoughts on “Even Sun [Thai-Drama] (2022)

  1. Hello, thank you for everything you share. There is a problem : the episode listed as 5 is actually the same link leading to episode 4. Could you upload episode 5 please ? Thank you !

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