Eccentric! Chef Moon [K-Darama] (2020)

Unique! Chef Moon (2020)

Summary : Yoo Yoo Jin is an eccentric, world-renowned fashion designer who has devoted her life to the world of haute couture.
But one day, she is found in a remote village in the South Korean countryside with a bad case of amnesia – unable to remember who she is or how she got there.
The villagers put her up in a house whose occupant is former star chef Moon Seung Mo – a man who has vowed to turn his back on his culinary career after a tragic accident event left him seeking solitude.
At first, the ex-chef is resentful of his new houseguest. But when he finds that Yoo Yoo Jin has a seemingly unquenchable desire for food, he starts to rediscover his passion for cooking, life…and perhaps romance!

Native Title : 유별나! 문셰프
Also Known As : Jemeosdaelo bakangseu , Spoiled Vacation , Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon , Oddball! Chef Moon , Vacation in My Own Way , 제멋대로 바캉스 , Yoo Byul Na! Chef Moon , Eccentric! Chef Moon , Yoobyeolna! Moonshefu
Genres : Food, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Episodes : 16
Format : mkv
Resolution : 720p (x265)
Subtitle : English (SRT)

Episode 01 :
Episode 02 :
Episode 03 :
Episode 04 :
Episode 05 :
Episode 06 :
Episode 07 :
Episode 08 :
Episode 09 :
Episode 10 :
Episode 11 :
Episode 12 :
Episode 13 :
Episode 14 :
Episode 15 :
Episode 16 :

11 thoughts on “Eccentric! Chef Moon [K-Darama] (2020)

  1. For Episode 11, the news announcement is blocking the bottom part of the video. Would it be possible for you to upload the video raw from Viki for Episode 11? If not, it’s okay. Just thought I’d ask.

    1. i can’t rip videos from Viki since i don’t have premium account to see HD videos. i have to wait for someone to upload it somewhere. if you see a version like that inform me. i will encode it for you.

          1. Thanks for your quick feedback. However, I can not find any English subtitle file that synchs well with this Episode 11 viki version. Where can I possibly get this subtitle file for the Episode 11 viki version? Apologies for the inconvenience but I really appreciate your kind assistance.

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