Duckweed [C-Movie] (2017)

Summary : An emotional story about the reconciliation between a father and his son. Ah Lang, a youth from a small town, thinks that his father Ah Zheng never understood his occupation and life. In a fateful occurrence, he is able to experience his father’s legendary and interesting life in the past.

Genre : Drama, Family
Format : mkv
Resolution : 518p (x264) + 720p (x265)
Duration : 101 Min
Subtitle : Chinese (Embedded) + English (SRT)

Download Link : 518p + 720p

5 thoughts on “Duckweed [C-Movie] (2017)

  1. Mahdi, thank you sooo much for the movie!!! Thank you for your time,hard work and efforts! Wish you all the best!!!

  2. Mahdi, is it possible to re-upload the 720p – Links? If you don`t have back up of the movie, please, tell me, so I can request it. Thank you! 🙂

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