Dr. Park’s Clinic [K-Drama] (2022)

Dr. Park’s Clinic (2022)

Summary : Dr. Park Won Jang recently opened his own internal medicine clinic. His goal is to become acknowledged as a skilled physician and make a lot of money in the process. He thought that if he opened his own clinic, the money would soon roll in. Reality is a little different for Park Won Jang. His clinic receives very few patients and it is teetering on insolvency. He struggles to save his clinic. Making things worse, he also suffers from hair loss. Meanwhile, Park Won Jang is married to Sa Mo Rim. His wife trusts the advice of medical TV programs more than her husband.

Native Title : 내과 박원장
Also Known As : Internist Park Won Jang , Park Won Jang of Internal Medicine , Naegwa Park Won Jang , Naegwa Bagwonjang , Internal Medicine Director Park
Genres : Comedy, Medical
Episodes : 12
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : English (Embedded)

Episode 01 : https://ouo.io/RBj3KC
Episode 02 : https://ouo.io/Tk5CQT
Episode 03 : https://ouo.io/qCxv6d
Episode 04 : https://ouo.io/smSQOHy
Episode 05 : https://ouo.io/yLcfICy
Episode 06 : https://ouo.io/QX6iXL
Episode 07 : https://ouo.io/a4mcz0
Episode 08 : https://ouo.io/93hmLB
Episode 09 : https://ouo.io/q5keJw
Episode 10 : https://ouo.io/UbgCt7
Episode 11 : https://ouo.io/HC8JrK
Episode 12 : https://ouo.io/cl6vag

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