Don’t Think Twice, Love’s All Right [C-Drama] (2020)

Don't Think Twice, Love's All Right

Summary : A plain looking, middle aged guy Li Honghai with a net worth amounting to billions simply wants to find true love. All women seem to fall for him because of his money. Hence, when he accidentally meets a young and sassy designer Xia Keke and gets attracted to her, he decides to keep his wealthy background a secret and woo her as a simple small time entrepreneur. They go through many experiences together and finally tie the knot. Once married, he finds out that she knew of his wealthy background all the while. Feeling betrayed, he wants to divorce her immediately but he has no choice but to keep up appearances as husband and wife for 3 months in order for his company to go public.

Native Title : 爱我就别想太多
Also Known As : Ai Wo Jiu Bie Xiang Tai Duo , Love Me Don’t Think Too Much , Brave To Love
Genres : Romance, Drama
Episodes : 40
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Chinese (Hardsub), English (SRT)

Episode 01 – 05 :
Episode 06 – 10 :
Episode 11 – 15 :
Episode 16 – 20 :
Episode 21 – 25 :
Episode 26 – 30 :
Episode 31 – 35 :
Episode 36 – 40 :

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