Detective Dee: The Sly Red-Eye [C-Movie] (2021)

Di Renjie - Red Eyes (2021)

Summary : During the Empress Wu Zetian’s reign, Detective Dee supervised the case of “Red-eyed monster” causing trouble and eliminated Prince Wu Minzhi, who tried to usurp power and seize the throne, preserving the stability of Jiangshan.

Native Title : 狄仁杰之恢诡赤目
Also Known As : Detective Dee – Red Eyes , Di Ren Jie Zhi Hui Gui Chi Mu , Detective Di Renjie , Detective Dee: The Sly Red-eye , 狄仁杰之诙诡赤目 , 狄仁傑之恢詭赤目 , 狄仁傑之詼詭赤目
Genres : Action, Thriller, Historical, Mystery
Format : mkv (x265)
Subtitle : Arabic English Indonesian Malay Spanish Vietnamese (Embedded)

Screenshot From Movie

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