Blocking the Horse [C-Movie] (2024)

Blocking the Horse - 挡马转三关

Summary : It tells the story of how after Yang Ye died in the battle in Youzhou, the nine-ring golden sword of the Song Dynasty given to the Yang family by the emperor fell into the Liao Kingdom. Out of grief and anger, Yang Ba Jie and Yang Jiu Mei went to the Liao Kingdom to retrieve the sword. On the way back, they met Jiao Guang Pu, a Song general who was living in a foreign land. The two sides, not knowing each, join hands to escort the sword back to its homeland.

Native Title : 挡马转三关
Also Known As : Dang Ma Zhuan San Guan , Dang Ma , 挡马 , 擋馬轉三關 , 擋馬
Genres : Action, Historical, Martial Arts
Format : mkv (x265)
Resolution : 720p
Subtitle : Chinese (Hardsub) + English (SRT)

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2 thoughts on “Blocking the Horse [C-Movie] (2024)

  1. If you allow the encoding for all your versions
    mkv 1080p x265
    It is the best, smallest size and best quality
    Thank you very much

    1. please don’t post this comment so many times. i don’t encode 1080p files. i only do 720p. the only times i upload 1080 files is when their file size is ok and there’s no point in doing 720p.

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