Beneath the Shadow [J-Movie] (2020)

Summary : Konno moved to Iwate for his job. There, he meets his colleague Hiasa at work. They form a close bond while drinking together, fishing together and doing other activities. One day, Hiasa quits his job without saying anything to Konno. Shortly after, they meet again, but they cannot have that close feeling as they had before. They do not meet again. Time passes and Konno learns that Hiasa went missing. While looking for Hiasa, Konno learns a secret about Hiasa.

Native Title : 影裏
Also Known As : As: Eiri , The Back of Shadow
Genres : Drama
Format : mkv
Resolution : 518p (x265) + 720p (x265)
Subtitle : will be added when available

Screenshot From Movie

Download Link : 518p720p

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