A Thousand Kisses [K-Drama] (2011)

A Thousand Kisses (2011)

Summary : A drama that deals with the age differences in relationships. Woo Joo Young and Jang Woo Bin explore the older woman-younger man relationship whereas Jang Woo Jin and Joo Young’s younger sister, Joo Mi, deal with the huge age gap between them.

Genre : Drama, Romance
Episode : 50
Format : mkv
Resolution : 540p
Subtitle : English

Episode 01 – 05 : http://j.gs/7XTx
Episode 06 – 10 : http://j.gs/7XcT
Episode 11 – 15 : http://j.gs/7XcV
Episode 16 – 20 : http://j.gs/7YWe
Episode 21 – 25 : http://j.gs/7YWf
Episode 26 – 30 : http://j.gs/7YWh
Episode 31 – 35 : http://j.gs/7YWj
Episode 36 – 40 : http://j.gs/7YWm
Episode 41 – 45 : http://j.gs/7YWp
Episode 46 – 50 : http://j.gs/7YWr

9 thoughts on “A Thousand Kisses [K-Drama] (2011)

  1. mahdi i have a problem i have downloaded 2 parts of a episode which is a rar file the part1 gets open but the part2 is not opening every time i am using vlc player and i always drag the files on the screen and play them do you know solution to this problem kindly help me

    1. Hi. are you sure you downloaded from my links ? i don’t rar my files. BTW when you want to open rar files the 2 parts should have the same name like this. : A.part1 and A.part2. after that you should right click on part 1 and click on Extract Here. after that play the video file.

      1. no mahdi i did not downloaded from your site.but i dont understand where do we get extract in vlc player that has become a big doubt to me everytime please help me ya because i have downloaded the hole drama and when i drag and put the first part in vlc it plays but when i do the same to 2nd part separatelu it doenst work

        1. no you shouldn’t drag rar files in VLC. you should unrar them. as i said in my last comment download winrar software after that right click on the part 1 of the episode you want to watch and left click on the “Extract Here” after that a video file will be extracted there. you can drag that video file to VLC.

          1. does it affect the quality of the video while extracting.i really did not know this i will definitely do it now thank u so much for the solution .

  2. mahdi when are you going to upload my request i am reall waiting with an eager and everyday i check your site whether you have uplaoded my favourite drama or not.the drama which i have requested is quiet old and i have searched may other sites for that i completely trust you that you definitely upload it.iam writing
    this comment not to put pressure so that you upload it fastly but i am just trying to tell how curious iam

    1. i checked and after one more request it will be your turn. i will search for your request when it’s your turn and email you about it.

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