2 Days & 1 Night Season 2 [Variety Show]

2 Days & 1 Night

Summary : 2 Days & 1 Night (Hangul: 1박 2일; also known as 1 Night 2 Days; abbreviated as 1N2D) is a South Korean reality-variety show that airs on KBS2 beginning August 5, 2007. 1 Night 2 Days is one of the two segments (the other segment is The Return of Superman) on Happy Sunday, airing at 4:50pm KST once a week. The episodes are also uploaded with English subtitles weekly on Youtube through KBS’s official channel. The show’s current cast members are Kim Jong-min, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim Joon-ho, Defconn and Jung Joon-young. Yu Ho-jin is the current director of season 3. The show’s motto is “Real Wild Road Variety.” Its main concept is to recommend various places of interest that viewers can visit in South Korea. Filming for every new trip is usually done 2 weeks prior to broadcast on KBS2.

Genre : Variety
Format : mkv
Resolution : 540p
Subtitle : English

Note 1 : Source is KBS World Youtube Channel so i will write air date instead of episode number

Note 2 : Filesize is big because each episode is more then 90 min long and it’s a variety with lot of running so it needs more bitrate to keep the quality ok.

2013.04.28 :http://j.gs/7cXR
2013.05.05 :http://j.gs/7cXS
2013.05.12 :http://j.gs/7cXT
2013.05.19 :http://j.gs/7cXU
2013.05.26 :http://j.gs/7cXV
2013.06.02 :http://j.gs/7cXW
2013.06.09 :http://j.gs/7cXX
2013.06.16 :http://j.gs/7cXZ
2013.06.23 :http://j.gs/7cXa
2013.06.30 :http://j.gs/7cXc
2013.07.07 :http://j.gs/7cXd
2013.07.14 :http://j.gs/7cXe
2013.07.21 :http://j.gs/7cXf
2013.07.28 :http://j.gs/7cXg
2013.08.04 :http://j.gs/7cXh
2013.08.11 :http://j.gs/7cXi
2013.08.18 :http://j.gs/7cXj
2013.08.25 :http://j.gs/7cXk
2013.09.01 :http://j.gs/7dec
2013.09.08 :http://j.gs/7dee
2013.09.15 :http://j.gs/7def
2013.09.22 :http://j.gs/7deg
2013.09.29 :http://j.gs/7dei
2013.10.06 :http://j.gs/7dej
2013.10.13 :http://j.gs/7fxF
2013.10.20 :http://j.gs/7fxH
2013.10.27 :http://j.gs/7gdk
2013.11.03 :http://j.gs/7gdl
2013.11.10 :http://j.gs/7hpi
2013.11.17 :http://j.gs/7hpj
2013.11.24 :http://j.gs/7hpo
2013.12.01 :http://j.gs/7hpr
2013.12.08 :http://j.gs/7hps
2013.12.15 :http://j.gs/7hpt

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  1. Hello! I want to ask you if you can consider encoding this show again..? I like your version of encoding. Better quality in small size of a video. Thank you! 🙂

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